Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Summer Plans

My plans for this summer have got my calendar booked! I have multiple plans tripped that I am extremely excited about. My first trip will be at the end of school. After finals week I’ll be heading to the Dominican Republic to enjoy the beautiful weather for a week. In June I’ll be traveling to Ohio for my cousin’s graduation party, which I consider fun because I have the best times with my family. In July I’ll be off to Florida for 10 days for Marco Island, Florida (we go there every year because we own a time share…many fun times). In August I’m trying to plan a trip to Greece to see my brother because he is over there for the Navy. Question is can save 2000 dollars and can anyone else save the money to come with me!?!? I am also trying to add another trip in there to head back to Michigan, which is where I’m originally from, to see my family over there and my old friends I haven’t seen in years.
Along with all my trips I plan on Nanning two times a week and working 30 hours at a salon, obviously when I’m in town to do so. I’ll also be taking up every babysitting job offered, because you know college students cherish their money.
Plus all my girlfriends are coming back from college for the summer, which I can’t wait for because they all go to colleges out of state. With them I always have a good time. We have purchased tickets for 10,000 lakes festival which is in July and We fest which is in August, so those camping trips will be loads of fun. We’ll also be making tons of trips to cabins, lakes, and my pool.
I’ll also have to make time to come back to St. Cloud since I’ll be paying for an apartment all through the summer.

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